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29th February 2024

Bridging Horizons: Pioneering Innovation and Connectivity in the Future of Banking in Saudi Arabia.

Venue: Rosh Rayhaan by Rotana, Riyadh, KSA

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About the event

In the backdrop of a transformative phase within the financial industry, our "SAUDI BANKING CONFERENCE" assumes a pivotal role as a guiding compass, offering participants insightful navigation through the multifaceted landscape of digital transformation, regulatory dynamics, financial inclusion initiatives, sustainable banking practices, and the critical cybersecurity terrain. Central to this discourse is the intriguing comparison between Neo Banks and Traditional Banks, a subject that captures the essence of the conference discussions.

The dichotomy between Neo Banks and Traditional Banks emerges as a focal point, sparking illuminating debates and analyses. Neo Banks, born in the digital age, epitomize innovation, agility, and customer-centricity. These tech-savvy financial entities operate primarily in the digital sphere, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to offer agile, user-friendly, and personalized banking experiences. Conversely, Traditional Banks, entrenched within established structures and legacy systems, symbolize stability, reliability, and extensive infrastructure.

The conference serves as a dynamic platform for dissecting and contrasting the fundamental attributes, strengths, and weaknesses of both Neo Banks and Traditional Banks. Discussions revolve around the nuances of their operational models, customer engagement approaches, technological prowess, regulatory compliance, and overall market impact.

Participants engage in comprehensive analyses, exploring the implications of this paradigm shift in banking. They scrutinize the transformative potential of Neo Banks in redefining traditional banking paradigms, the evolving customer expectations, and the necessary adaptations required for Traditional Banks to retain relevance in an increasingly digitalized landscape.

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Our Speakers

Mr. Sultan Albayhani

Head - Open Banking Business
Riyad Bank

Mr. Osama Ben Saleh Bukhari

Group CEO Alfaris International Group/
Board Member, Head of the Banking
Committee – ICC Saudi Arabia

Mr. Wael Ahmed Fattouh

Chief Information Security Officer
Bank AlJazira

Mr.Abdullah Biary

Chief Information Security Officer
United Co-Operative Assurance/UCA

Mr. Abdullah Al Bar

Chief Data Officer
Abdul Latif Jameel United Finance

Mr.Hadi Al- Beshri

Product Manager – Wholesale, Sr Fintech Product Manager
Arab National Bank

Mr. Suhaib Al-Hosainy

Chief Risk Officer

Mr. Mohammed Fayez Alshehri

Chief of Data and Information Security
Al-Amthal Finance Co

Mr. Bilal Khan

Head of Embedded Banking
Cutting-edge Digital Bank in KSA

Mr. Basil Dudin

Head of Digital Acquisition and Customer Experience
Emirates NBD(KSA)

Mr. Milon Veasey

Head of Open Banking
Banque Saudi Fransi

Mr. Kamran Ahmed

VP – Data Quality, Data Management, Data Governance, Data Science
Saudi National Bank

Mr. Mehdi El Amine Fichtali

Founder & CEO

Mr. Amsal Kapetanović

Country Manager
Infobip Saudi Arabia

Mr. Joude Badra

General Manager
DiXiO Saudi Arabia

Mr. Logan Simpson

Head of Cybersecurity
Leading financial company in KSA

Mr. Ismael Mohamed

Director, Agile Practices
Leading Bank in KSA

Mr. Yzelle De Wet

Product and Solution Director

Mr. Abhishek Pratap Singh

Chief Information Security Officer
National Bank Of Oman

Dr. Ahmed Darwish

Head of Digital Delivery
Bank Albilad

Mr. Edosa Odaro

Global Data and Artificial Intelligence Advisor

Mr. Saurabh Bagrodia

Associate Vice President – Senior Manager – Client Services

Mr. Pedro Jacinto

Senior Solution Engineering Manager – MEA

Ms. Sindhu Sreenath

Managing Director, EMEA

Mr. Faisal Al – Qadi

Acting Chief Information Security Officer
Bank AlJazira

The conference will feature keynote speeches from top-tier industry experts sharing their experiences and showcasing the potential of innovation in banking services in KSA.

“Saudi Banking Forum” will provide a platform for industry peers to connect and network during the breakout sessions of the event.

An integral part of “Saudi Banking Forum” is the exhibition showcase, where leading companies will display their cutting-edge products, services, and technologies aimed at reducing AML risks.

The event also offers a wealth of networking opportunities, enabling attendees to connect with industry leaders, like-minded professionals, and potential partners. Saud Banking Forum 2024 is the ideal forum to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.


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Background shapes
29th February 2024

Bridging Horizons: Pioneering Innovation and Connectivity in the Future of Banking in Saudi Arabia.

Venue: Rosh Rayhaan by Rotana, Riyadh, KSA

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