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21st and 22nd May 2024

Achieving Operational Excellence and Maintaining Asset Integrity for Qatar's Energy Industry

Venue: City Centre Rotana, Doha Qatar

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Event Overview

Asset Integrity Management is a crucial element of a risk management program. According to reports, Asset Integrity Management Market size was valued at USD 20,502.72 Million in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 29,975.39 Million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 5.09% from 2021 to 2028.

The Oil & Gas industry is constantly working towards improving and optimizing the maintenance of assets to ensure high efficiency and low maintenance costs. There is an urgent requirement for operational safety due to the degradation of old assets. Negligence towards maintenance of asset integrity severely impacts the financial aspect of the entire organization and Industry.

While several organizations are relentlessly trying to get this right our “5th Asset Integrity Management Conference” aims to deep dive through the Asset Management issues and help the top entities in the region identify credible solutions to embrace Asset Integrity Management to improve Decision-Making, Increase Life Span, Raise Productivity, make better predictions, Monitor performance, Gain competitive advantage and more.

Oman Edition| August 30th, 2022

Qatar Edition | May 23rd - 24th, 2023

Oman Edition | 29th & 30th August 2023


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Case Studies


Leading Companies

Advisory Committee

Dr. Hanan Farhat (PhD)

Senior Research Director
Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute

Dr. Steve Matthews

Asset Solutions’ Integrity Consultancy Manager

Mr. Shaiq Bashir

Sr. Engineer Instrument | Maintenance

Mr. Uboud Al-Ghamdi - EMBA

Senior Manager Turnaround & Major Maintenace

Mr. Taner Serter

Asset Integrity Principal Engineer
Sadara Chemical Company

Our Speakers

Dr. Abitha Ramesh

Production Reliabililty Engineer (GTL Area) and President of QSWAN
Pearl GTL and Qatar Shell

Mr. Shaiq Bashir

Sr. Engineer Instrument | Maintenance

Mr. Steve Matthews

Asset Solutions Integrity Consultancy Manager

Mr. Martin Robinson


Mr. Ijaz Ul Karim Rao

Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Jeremy Mansfield

Coating and Corrosion Consultant
Durapol Limited

Mr. Mustafa Aziz

Senior Asset Integrity Engineer & Executive Director
Visual Planner

Mr. Jean Charbonneau

Visual Planner

Mr. Ramdas Sridhar

Regional Sales Manager

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Hafeez

Corrosion & Erosion monitoring

Mr. Pavan Sharma

Asset Integrity Engineer and Consultant
Leading Oil & Gas company in Qatar

Series Keynote Speaker

keynote speaker

Series Speakers

The conference will feature keynote speeches from top-tier industry experts sharing their experiences and insights on Robust Asset Integrity, Maintenance and Business Continuity Strategies, Leveraging Digitalization for Revolutionizing Asset Performance and Empowering Maintenance 4.0 and mitigating challenges risks and best practices towards achieving Oman’s vison and operational excellence. Engaging panel discussions will convene policymakers, engineers, operation and maintenance, asset integrity and reliability heads to debate the latest trends and strategic solutions for maintaining asset integrity.

3rd Asset Integrity Conference includes hands on workshops and intimate breakout sessions that allow for a deeper dive into topics such as managing the assets life cycle, embarking digital technologies and systems to improved oil exploration and production, innovative designs and installation techniques along with CPD workshops.

An integral part of the 3rd Asset Integrity Management conference 2023 is the exhibition showcase, where leading companies will display their cutting-edge products, services, and technologies. Attendees will have the chance to see the most innovative asset integrity solutions in action and identify potential collaborators, suppliers, projects, or clients.

The event also offers a wealth of networking opportunities, enabling attendees to connect with industry leaders, like-minded professionals, and potential partners. The 3rd Asset Integrity Management conference is the ideal forum to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

This conference is an essential event for professionals from regulatory bodies, government institutes and affiliates, oil and gas exploration and production companies and engineering and construction, involved in project development, asset management, drilling, exploration and production for gas and oil, operations and digitalization, corrosion and well maintenance and regulations and compliance with HSE standards.

Join us at this prestigious conference and let us delve into gaining knowledge and experience on the latest challenges and solutions within the field where asset integrity and maintenance is achieved, and cost reduction is guaranteed. Register today and contribute to your professional development and excellence within your professional journey .

Sponsoring this event offers valuable brand visibility among our targeted audience of professionals in asset integrity management. By sponsoring, you can position yourselves as thought leaders, gain networking opportunities, access market intelligence, and forge business collaborations. Sponsoring demonstrates commitment to operational excellence and asset integrity, while also supporting industry development. You can address key challenges in the market, stand out from competitors by differentiating your offering and showcasing your unique value proposition, overcome market saturation, acquire new customers, retain existing customers, establish, and nurture distribution channels, and demonstrate rapid adoption of new technologies. Sponsoring our event provides you with a platform to showcase your expertise, connect with potential clients, and contribute to the growth of the oil and gas industry, helping to overcome these challenges and drive business growth.

Solution and Service Providers from the Following

• Inspection and Monitoring
• Digital Transformation
• Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
• Corrosion & Pipeline
• Drilling
• Asset Integrity and Performance
• Reliability Engineering Services
• Regulatory Compliance and Audit
• Supply Chain Management Solutions
• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Energy Efficiency Solutions
• Safety Equipment and Services


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21st and 22nd May 2024

Achieving Operational Excellence and Maintaining Asset Integrity for Qatar's Energy Industry

Venue: City Centre Rotana, Doha Qatar

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