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Unleashing KSA's Entertainment

Venue: Riyadh, KSA

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About the Event

The entertainment industry of Saudi Arabia is growing massively. Saudi Arabia has been putting its best effort to build a unique and world-class entertainment hub that includes innovative rides, cultural or historical attractions, and mega sporting events. Projects like Six Flags, Qiddiya and Saudi Transformers Theme Parks are redefining the future of entertainment in Saudi Arabia.

In line with Vision 2030’s efforts to enhance Saudi Arabia’s entertainment, culture, and tourism offerings, we are pleased to bring to you our “Theme Parks and Entertainment Conference, KSA – 2nd Edition” which is a comprehensive one-day conference designed to bring together industry professionals, innovators, and enthusiasts in the theme park and amusement industry. The event aims to explore the latest trends, technologies, and strategies that are shaping the future of theme parks and family entertainment centers.

KSA Edition| March 6th, 2023

Industry Insights & News Updates

Saudi Arabia to develop $347m entertainment destination in Aseer

Saudi Arabia plans world’s fastest, longest and tallest rollercoaster – with 251kmph top speed and vertical cliff drop

Saudi Arabia announces Transformers theme park in $13bn entertainment boom

More than 24 theme parks now given licenses by Saudi Arabia's entertainment authority

Saudi Arabia tourism boom with 24 theme parks, 420 entertainment centres

Saudi Arabia pours millions into digital theme park start-up

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Exhibitors & Sponsors


Supporting partners

Official Government Speakers

The Red Sea Global

Qiddiya / SEVEN

Diriyah Gate Development Authority


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Our Speakers

Mr. Nyck Murphy

Head of Entertainment
IMG Worlds of Adventure

Mr. Mohamed Attia

General Manager, Entertainment Division
Al Hokair Group

Dr. Eihab H.AbouRokbah

Chief Executive Officer
Saudi Entertainent Academy

Mr. Alejandro Aguilera

Chief Executive Officer
Cinepolis Gulf

Mr. Daniel Harrison

Associate Director – Acoustics

Mr. Eiad Shami

Senior Fire and Life Safety Consultant
WSP in the Middle East

Mr. Sari Khumaiyes

Commercial Director
AMC Cinemas KSA

Mr Craig Garrett

Digital Construction Manager
ALEC Engineering & Contracting L.L.C

Ms. Marie-Joelle Ghaoui

Architecture and Engineering Services

The conference will feature a dynamic lineup of keynote speakers & panel discussions, led by industry experts and thought leaders. Topics will cover a wide range of areas including the integration of cutting-edge technology in attractions, the development of immersive and interactive experiences, sustainability in theme park operations, and strategies for enhancing visitor engagement and satisfaction.

An integral part of “Theme Parks and Entertainment Conference, KSA – 2nd Edition” is the exhibition showcase, where leading companies will showcase their latest products, services, and technologies in the industry, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of theme park experiences.

Whether you're a theme park operator, a designer, a marketer, or simply an industry enthusiast, this event promises to offer valuable insights, practical strategies, and inspiration to help you navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of the theme park industry.


Why Sponsor the Event

Theme parks are synonymous with immersive experiences, lighting plays a pivotal role in creating these magical atmospheres. Lighting companies joining us at the event can position themselves at the forefront of an industry that heavily relies on innovative lighting solutions.

Theme parks are the epitome of sensory experiences, where both audio and visual elements converge to transport visitors into fantastical worlds. For audio-visual (AV) companies, sponsoring a theme park event is a strategic opportunity to showcase their cutting-edge technologies in an environment that thrives on AV innovation. By aligning with such events, AV companies can demonstrate the transformative power of their solutions in enhancing storytelling, immersion, and overall visitor engagement. Moreover, as theme parks constantly push the boundaries of entertainment, they present a lucrative market for AV advancements.

Theme parks provide a platform where storytelling and branding converge to enhance the visitor experience. Digital signage plays an integral role in this ecosystem, offering versatile solutions for wayfinding, ride wait times, entertainment, and promotional content. By sponsoring a theme park event, digital signage companies can spotlight their state-of-the-art technologies and demonstrate their transformative impact on guest engagement and park operations.

In Theme parks every detail from visuals to sounds, contributes to the overall visitor experience. Acoustics play a crucial role in this narrative, ensuring that soundscapes are clear, ambient noises are controlled, and the auditory experience complements the visual spectacle. For acoustic companies, sponsoring a theme park event offers a prime opportunity to highlight the significance of sound design and acoustic optimization in creating memorable attractions.

In the evolving landscape of theme parks, immersive experiences are paramount, and many parks are integrating cinematic elements into their attractions. Whether it's 4D theatres, interactive movie experiences, or attractions that blend rides with film, the line between theme parks and cinematic experiences is blurring. For cinema seating companies, this presents a unique opportunity to showcase how their specialized seating can enhance these hybrid experiences. With features like motion synchronization, enhanced ergonomics for prolonged viewing, and integrated technology ports, modern cinema seats are not just about watching a movie; they're about experiencing it.

Theme parks aim to provide an enjoyable and memorable experience for their visitors. Effective wayfinding enhances the guest experience by helping visitors navigate the park with ease. When guests can easily find their way to attractions, restaurants, restrooms, and other amenities, they are more likely to have a positive experience and leave with a favorable impression of the park.

•Cashless payment systems
•Ticketing Systems
•Ride/Carousel Equipment Manufacturers
•Food & Beverage Equipment
•Security & Safety Equipment’s
•Building Material Suppliers
•Barcoding, RFID Solutions

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Unleashing KSA's Entertainment Economy.

Venue: Riyadh, KSA

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